Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Leveraging cloud computing technologies like Infrastructure (IaaS) as a Service allows IT Executives to utilize Virtual servers, storage systems and networks within a secure data center. There are many unique advantages to adopting this strategy including cost savings, elasticity, scalability, load balancing and storage on demand. With a multitude of hybrid, private and public cloud computing options available today, it’s important to develop a cohesive cloud strategy and Mosaic can help develop a migration that meets your requirements.

Cloud Computing - Your Ladder to the Sky

Mosaic offers tremendous value to your cloud initiative by offering a wide range of managed services, including data center and onsite IT evaluations for your cloud infrastructure.

● Scalability that can meet on-demand requirements

● Global virtual private data center availability

● Private and Hybrid clouds

● Customized cloud infrastructure solutions

Mosaic NetworX can guide you through today’s latest cloud, grid computing, and IaaS solutions that can work for your business. You can contact us online or talk to a person at 800-688-3770 today!

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