Devices – Setting up a Softphone

  1. Go to to download the X-Lite softphone software and install it.
  2. d2.1

  3. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users.
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  5. Once you’re in the Users tab, click on the specific user’s Devices. Click Add Device and select Softphone.
  6. d2.3

  7. Fill out the basic fields and create the device. The SIP Username and Password will be provided, but you will need to create a device name.
  8. d2.4

  9. Start X-Lite for the first time.
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  11. Once you get into the App, you will need to access the Account information
  12. Mac – From the menu bar, choose X-Lite > Preferences > Accounts. The Account list appears with one account. Then click the + button and choose New SIP Account.

    Windows – When the softphone appears, click the Go to Account Settings link. The SIP Account window appears.


  13. Fill out the User Details fields by transferring information from the Kazoo UI to X-Lite.
  14. User ID = Username

    Domain = Realm

    Password = Password

    Display name = Username

    Authentication Name = Username

    In the Domain Proxy section:

    Click on the box next to Register with domain and receive calls

    Click on Proxy in Send outbound via section and enter you SIP server address.

    Click on OK

You have now completed setting up a Softphone and can make calls!

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