Mobility Cost Optimization Case Studies


forbes_coversForbes has reporters on staff that cover the wireless industry. The internal costs in time and money were prohibitive. Their carrier was overcharging and not being responsive to requests to correct billing errors. In addition to the monthly savings a large credit was issued from their carrier and the relationship improved.

Current Charges: $45,400.46
Recommended Charges: $22,876.89
Monthly Savings: $22,523.57
Annual Savings: $270,282.84

Single Source Systems

SingleSourceSystems_logoSingle Source Systems received 40% savings and was able to implement several recommended best practices which dramatically improved their carriers response time and also lowered time spent by Single Source employees managing their services.

Current Charges: $3,215.42
Recommended Charges: $1,864.11
Monthly Savings: $1,351.31
Annual Savings: $16,215.72

St. Francis Hospitals

StFrancis_logoSt. Francis Hospitals replaced a large committee of key employees with our services and received help with getting their wireless carrier to respond to all requests.

Current Charges: $14,759.92
Recommended Charges: $6,608.60
Monthly Savings: $8,151.32
Annual Savings: $97,815.84


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