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You can find not just the right price, but the right solution

Extensive experience coupled with relationships spanning the global wholesale telecom market ensure Mosaic NetworX clients receive competitive pricing for a wide variety of services.

With extensive industry experience spanning more than two decades for each executive stakeholder in our company, Mosaic helps organizations find not just the right price, but the right solution, contract duration and best providers all on one MSA, with one invoice. This unique, holistic approach guarantees that companies will experience a decrease in their costs and complexity while optimizing performance and capacity across their communications infrastructure.

In order to meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated IT professionals, we need to know who has what, and most importantly, how our customers can get what they need, when they need it.


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California Teleconnect Fund Provider

How to Establish Your Own ASN

Interface and Connector Types

IP Address Blocks

State Tariffs

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