Short Message Protocol Providers (SMPP)

Short message protocol providers transmit and transport the trillions of text messages exchanged every year. From news alerts to promotional offers, coupon codes to surveys, short message services allow reliable and seamless communication between businesses, customers, clients, and employees. The low cost and high reliability of SMS messaging make text messages a great choice for transmitting vital information.

The technological backbone provided by short message protocol providers is decidedly powerful. How else would millions of people be able to count on billions of messages to be routed to the right recipients every month? More than 80% of adults in the United States carry a mobile phone. Leveraging text messages to and from those devices is good business for your business.


Using SMS messaging brings the following benefits:

  • Low cost distribution of short messages.
  • Higher open rates than traditional email communication
  • Ability to engage customers and clients for promotions and feedback
  • “Always open” channel for safety and security alerts
  • Standardized protocol for messaging between devices and platforms


Real world example of Short Message Text Messages:

  • Fast distribution of messages and data to a wide audience
  • Trackable read and reply data to drive process improvements
  • Secure communication throughout an organization or team
  • Increased engagement with clients, customers, and team members
  • Easily managed marketing solutions for any size business

How to Use SMS Text Messaging

  • Wishing customers “Happy Birthday” with a special offer.  Building brand loyalty is easy with text messaging. Letting your customers know that you are thinking of them during special events like birthdays is a great way to do just that.
  • Distributing weather warnings to the community. Keeping the public apprised of what’s going on and safe from harm is the goal of every police department and community service organization. Inclement weather alerts can be delivered easily via SMS to keep everyone safe and sound.
  • Reminding volunteers of a fundraising event. Keeping groups of people organized doesn’t have to be complicated. When people are banding together to help out a cause, text messaging is a great way to stay in sync.
  • Promoting a movie opening.  Generating excitement about an event or promotion takes a lot of effort. What better way to engage with fans then through text messages?
  • Delivering tracking information to a business.  Businesses and consumers alike want to know when a long-awaited package has arrived. Docking information can be sent via text message to make sure they are made aware of a delivery.
  • Collecting information about desired services.  Getting feedback from customers is a breeze with short messaging. The high open rates of text messages mean you’ll no doubt gain valuable insight in to buyer’s intentions.

How are other companies and brands using SMS as a way to communicate with employees, clients, and vendors?

SMS Use Case – Credit Card Activations

The regional bank was facing a hurdle in its new credit card offering. The cards were designed for people in their early-20’s who were interested in building their credit through responsible use of a credit card. The bank was surprised to find that getting people to sign up was easy and the vast majority of those signing up were able to provide a co-signer to reduce the bank’s financial exposure. They discovered that more than half of the credit cards weren’t being activated at all. The activation process called for the user to visit the bank and insert the card in to the ATM machine. The problem, they discovered, was that many of the users were college students who had gone home for the summer where there was no local bank branch.

The bank needed a new way to get the cards activated. They had chosen not to allow activations over the phone because they hoped the cardholders would visit a bank branch for activation. Working quickly the IT team configured a way for the credit cards to be activated by the cardholder texting the bank with some basic account information. The bank sent a text message to each cardholder using the phone number collected at signup prompting the recipient to activate their card by text. The plan worked.

Activation rates skyrocketed almost immediately. In less than a week more than 80% of the cards were activated and half of them had already made their first purchase. Bank management was excited that so many new potential long-term customers were finally utilizing the credit cards the bank had issued to them.

Leveraging Short Message Services in the Enterprise

Using text messages in your corporate communications opens the door for new and exciting ways to communicate with clients, customers, partners, and employees. From promoting new events and products to providing support and data, short messaging service keeps your organization in touch with the people that directly contribute to your business success.

If you are still waiting for mass adoption of text messaging in the business world then you are already falling behind. Cutting edge companies have already implemented SMS messages into the fabric of their corporate communications platform.

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