SMS for Data Alerts

Perhaps the most obvious use of SMS services is to communicate important data points in real-time to the workers, customers, and clients that need them most. From the levels of fuel tanks to the status of a plane flight, text messaging seems tailor-made for providing data alerts. Using SMS messaging to send short yet important information provides a low cost and highly effective way to distribute data to individuals and teams alike.

Providing data alerts through SMS allows individuals and groups to have the most up to date information possible, so they can both work and play without distraction, frustration, or delay.

Using SMS text messaging for Data Alerts includes the following benefits:

  • Clear communication of vital information
  • Secure distribution of data across an organization
  • Wide distribution of action alerts to employees
  • Automation of workflows and processes

How to Use SMS Text Messaging for meaningful Data Alerts

  • Communicating traffic delays to commuters.  Rush hour drivers appreciate a little forewarning if there are delays or an accident up ahead. More importantly, public service personnel can more easily control the flow of traffic if everyone is working together to reduce the amount of cars funneling towards a traffic jam or accident.
  • Announcing events at a coordinated time.  Sending data or information to customers or fans at a coordinated time can create awareness around your brand. Engaging a wide audience in real time at the same time can definitely build a buzz.
  • Notifying companies of stock level reductions. Managing inventory levels is a never-ending challenge. Thankfully, SMS data alerts give you a way to coordinate information between the warehouse and purchasing.
  • Letting management know of a new milestone achieved.  Smart managers keep an eye on their entire business. SMS data alerts are a great way to provide positive information about company activity.
  • Advising a doctor of patient status.  No one would suggest substituting a text message for the warmth of a doctor’s bedside manner, but SMS data alerts can complement a physician’s communication with patients. Advising a patient or client on the results of an evaluation can be done quickly with a text data alert.
  • Indicating a break-in at an office building or home.  Security systems have always included a degree of automation. Now, data alerts can signal to the home or property owner that an intrusion is occurring so that they can either call the police or flee an unsafe area.
  • Updating citizens about a weather advisory.  Inclement weather can come out of nowhere and cause untold damage to property and harm to citizens. From flash floods to tornadoes, public resources can use data alerts to keep citizens and the community safe.
  • Advising travelers of a flight delay. Announcing flight delays over an airport intercom isn’t the only way to let travellers know their flight is delayed. SMS data alerts can notify passengers of delays, gate changes, or which baggage carousel at the destination city has their suitcase.

SMS Use Case – Data Alerts

One of the most common complaints that cell phone service providers received in years past involved customers being upset about overage charges on their bills. The complaint was rooted in the fact that accessing usage information could be complicated and required logging in to a website. Many cell service customers indicated that they didn’t have the ability to regularly check usage and receiving a larger bill then expected at the end of the month was very upsetting. If only the cell phone providers would make it easy for customers to track the number of minutes they used each month then they could choose a plan that was right for them instead of paying extra fees.

The right solution was already part of the cell phone service providers offering: text messages. The providers could use data alerts to apprise customers of their usage level. Users could choose to receive daily alerts or simply receive alerts when they were close to exceeding their allocated usage allowance. While the companies might miss out on the revenue created by the overages, notifying customers was likely to increase satisfaction and reduce the strain on the support team that had to address the complaints. Happier customers and reduced complaints was a win-win proposition for everyone involved.

Once the cell service carriers began alerting customers to their usage, complaints dropped and customer satisfaction surveys showed increases in customer happiness. Even better, customers took notice of the change and began rating their cell service provider with higher scores in online reviews and in market-research campaigns. Sacrificing overage charges was paying a huge dividend for cell providers: increased customer happiness and brand loyalty.

Leveraging SMS Service in to Data Alerts

Even though smartphones and computers allow individuals to access nearly any information from almost anywhere, SMS service for data alerts provides a more proactive and ubiquitous way to spread data. From sales figures to traffic delays, Amber Alerts to inventory levels, SMS data alerts give recipients the information they need to be more efficient and effective in completing the task at hand.

If your organization could benefit from more seamless distribution of data and information to your workforce, clients or customers, click here to learn more about how Mosaic NetworX can help you leverage SMS in to your communications platform!

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