SMS for Life Alerts

SMS is a powerful tool for personal safety and health. New cutting-edge technology is allowing individuals to leverage text messaging to stay safe when they are home alone. Individuals needing medical care or assistance to simply live their lives can now utilize text messaging to stay in contact with personnel and services designed to keep them safe in the event of a health incident.

Life alerts through SMS allow the elderly and handicapped to stay in touch with assistance providers should they become ill, fall, or are otherwise unable to help themselves.

Using SMS text messages for life alerts brings your clients and customers the following benefits:

  • Remote service and assistance in the event of an incident
  • Increased personal security in the event of an intrusion or break-in
  • Reminders to stay on schedule for health or dietary needs
  • Updates on vital signs and health information for caregivers
  • Enhanced personal peace of mind

How to Use SMS Text Messaging for life alerts

  • Reminding patients when to take medicine on a schedule.  SMS messages can be used to provide important scheduling information in the place of an assistant or nurse. Letting patients know when it is time to take a particular medicine can help them lead healthier and happier lives.
Life Alerts
  • Notifying doctors or caregivers of an emergency.  Emergencies require action. Fortunately, SMS messaging can spur people to act and help a patient in need.
Life Alerts
  • Communicating with family members during a life event. Family members living alone can now communicate with caregivers and family members using text messaging. Devices that notify family members and doctors of a health event use SMS to send the message.
  • Alerting authorities of a break-in or physical threat.  Text messaging is used to alert security services and authorities when someone is trying to break into a home or office. This fast and reliable form of communication means help is on the way soon.
Life Alerts
  • Sending health information to medical service providers and electronic medical records.   Vital sign readings and test results need to be communicated accurately and on-time if proper care is to be given. Many electronic-medical-records (EMR) services include integrated technology that allows doctors and nurses to use SMS messaging to update patient records with information.
Life Alerts

How are other companies and brands using SMS as a way to provide life alerts for customers and clients?

SMS Use Case – Life Alerts

A leading national assisted living services provider was experiencing an uptick in client incidents. More and more seniors were choosing to live at home and used the company’s caretakers to stop by a few times each week for a wide variety of tasks. From changing bed-linens to in-home physical therapy, the company’s staff was versatile and highly rated. But the success of the care provided resulted in more clients living at home longer, which meant a higher incidence of events like kitchen fires or falling in the shower. Of course the service provider was pleased that clients were living longer, healthier lives. But as clients aged the amount of attention and care required increased in a way that didn’t seem scaleable.

The strategic team decided that the organization needed a way for clients to reach out to their caretakers in an emergency. While 911 is often the best option in many cases, there are a number of life events where a nearby caretaker is better suited to handle the situation until full medical attention can be received. What this service provider needed was a way for clients to have an immediate way to get in touch with caretakers in the event of a significant incident. Here is how they did it:

The organization decided to implement an SMS monitoring solution dedicated to receiving and responding to life alerts from clients. Instead of having to find a phone to dial 911 and explain a situation, the client could press a button on a locket that would send a text message to the service provider. From there, the caretakers could review the clients records and call 911 while also dispatching one of their own to help.

The program was an immediate success. Clients felt more safe and secure knowing that a trusted caretaker was only the push of a button away. And the service provider took comfort in knowing that each client was able to summon help even if their caretaker wasn’t on-site already.

Leveraging SMS Service as a Life Alert System

The power of SMS is not limited to casual communication or promoting a brand. SMS can play a more important role in the world as a communication platform for health and wellness information, status, and alerts. By using text messages to send data to caregivers and wellness service providers, clients and customers will have increased personal security and enhanced peace of mind, knowing that should they need assistance, help will quickly be on the way.

If your organization provides patient health services, contact Mosaic NetworX to learn more about how SMS messaging can play a vital role in keeping your customers safe and in good health!

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