SMS as a Pager

One of the original uses of SMS technology came in the form of pagers. And while technology has advanced to allow for complete connectivity in the palm of a person’s hand, pagers are still useful in everyday situations. Short form communication, as with a pager, allows for important bits of data to be transmitted to a recipient with ease and low cost via text message. Quick alerts and requests for contact can be communicated via SMS just like always.

Instead of worrying that your call will be ignored or email will be missed, text messages for pagers means clear and reliable communication with a high read-rate.

Using SMS text messages as a pager brings your organization the following benefits:

  • Reliable transmission of critical messages.
  • High read rates ensuring that the message gets through.
  • Low-cost distribution of frequent messaging.
  • Better response rate than phone or email.
  • Unobtrusive messaging that delivers a call to action.

Examples of SMS Text Messaging as a Pager

  • Notifying a doctor that a patient is in need.  Perhaps the most well-known use of SMS as a pager, calling for a doctor is still quite common. Using a text message to communicate a patient need means help can be on the way quickly.
  • Directing a delivery driver to his next stop.  Text messages help guide dispatched drivers to the next drop-off or pickup point. Sometimes the delivery schedule of the morning has changed by mid-day and SMS pages help keep things on schedule.
  • Requesting a call from a team member. When coworkers are in different places or are travelling, an SMS page is a great way to let them know you need to talk when they have a moment. Voicemails are more easily ignored then pages.
  • Promoting a “flash sale.”  SMS pages can help build brand awareness as part of a broader marketing strategy. Telling customers that a surprise sale will be announced at noon and then sending a page with the store address for the sale is a great way to build excitement and engage customers in a new way.
  • Calling for help during a “Code” event.  Nothing is more serious in a hospital then a Code Blue alert. Marshaling resources and getting help where it is needed can be done quickly with an SMS page.
  • Requesting service in a hotel room.  When hotel cleaning and service staff is between rooms, it can be difficult to communicate using conventional methods. Thankfully, SMS pages mean guest requests can be communicated to staff in a matter of moments.

SMS Use Case – Text Messages as a Paging System

A national chain of restaurants was excited that their new television advertising campaign was producing such stellar results. Based on offering a free appetizer or dessert with the purchase of two entrees, each location across the country was seeing a dramatic increase in dinner traffic on weekend nights as couples decided to take advantage of the promotion. However, the increased traffic meant patrons spent longer waiting for a table. Calling a guest’s name over a PA system to announce their table was ready was neither welcoming nor efficient; in some cases it would be four or five minutes before guests heard their name over the address system, meaning a table sat empty while guests continued to wait. The customer experience manager for the chain knew that something had to change.

At first the organization considered a notification system using a dedicated hardware system of disk-style pagers. But the cost of the hardware as well as training staff (and customers) on how to use the devices seemed too risky and might not solve the problem before customers decided to avoid the wait and go somewhere else. The service team decided that a simpler solution that could be quickly deployed was needed. They turned to an SMS pager system that sent a text message to a guest’s phone when their table was ready. Instead of calling for the guest over a loudspeaker system, diners could be directly informed that their table was ready without disturbing other patrons.

The new system worked better than expected. Managers at each location showed the hosts and hostesses how to collect cell phone numbers along with guest names and how to use a simple paging system to alert them when their table was ready. The time it took to fill open tables was cut in half, meaning the restaurant was able to turn tables quicker, serve more guests, and just as important, keep guests from having to wait too long to be seated.

Leveraging SMS Service as a Pager system

Even with the advances in modern technology and communication, there will always be a role for short messages that require an urgent reply. From physicians and care providers to delivery workers to military personnel, paging with SMS is an excellent way to let another person know that you need their attention elsewhere.

If your team is facing challenges keeping your workforce, customers, or vendors on the same page, click here to learn how Mosaic NetworX can help you leverage SMS paging for better organization!

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