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From promotions and events to marketing and surveys, text messages provide a powerful way for businesses to interact with fans, customers, and clients. But what if one party (or both) doesn’t want to share their actual mobile phone number? That’s where SMS proxy services come in.

SMS proxy services allow users to send and receive text messages using a number that is not their real, authentic phone number. SMS proxy services mean a user sends the message to a proxy service provider, which then forwards it on to the recipient using a different number.

The benefits of bringing SMS Proxy Services include:

  • Anonymous sending and receiving of text messages
  • Increased privacy for users on both ends of a thread
  • Easy deployment of temporary or vanity phone numbers
  • Simple to integrate in to both consumer and enterprise applications

Diverse companies are taking advantage of SMS message proxy services:

SMS proxy services allow users to maintain control and privacy of their text communications. From setting an appointment to facilitating a transaction, sometimes anonymity is in everyone’s best interest.

  • Customer service.  When offering customer service via text message, SMS proxy services offer a great way to protect the real number the message is being sent from. As a result, support requests can be serviced by multiple team members all using the same phone number.
  • Temporary local phone numbers.  If you’re traveling or need to send a message from a local number, SMS proxy services allow users access to local or area-specific phone numbers for text messaging.
  • Dating services. The popularity of online matchmaking and dating services has never been greater. SMS proxy services give users meeting each other for the first time a way to communicate by text message without disclosing their real phone number.
  • Celebrity interaction with fans.  Whether interacting one on one for a special event or communicating with a large group of fans, text messaging is a great way for celebrities to interact with fans. SMS proxy services make it possible without disclosing the celebrity’s real phone number.
  • Classified listings. Whether online or in print, one of the difficulties with classified advertising is in the two parties communicating in a reliable yet private manner. SMS proxy services mean that a fake number can be used for text communication, protecting the privacy of both parties until the deal is finalized.

How are other companies and brands using SMS proxy services?

SMS Proxy Service Use Case – User communication on a tool rental application

This mobile app for smartphones allowed people in the same geographical area to loan each other tools and household goods for a small fee. For example, a person needing a pressure washer to clean their driveway could use the app to find someone nearby willing to rent their own pressure washer out for $10 a day. The renter was able to get the tool he needed without buying one. The owner was able to earn a little money for loaning out a tool not in use that day. But the fledgling startup faced a huge problem. Curious users were downloading the app, creating accounts, and browsing for tools, but very few rentals were taking place.

The problem was that users were hesitant to exchange phone numbers to coordinate the transaction, so demand was high but activity was low. Users weary of spam and unwanted calls were not willing to give their cell phone numbers to other users. The startup needed to offer users a way to communicate that didn’t disclose personal information like a phone number or email address. An in-app messaging system could be built but that would take time and resources and require users to learn a new feature. They needed a solution sooner than that.

After exploring a few different options they decided that the best way to solve their problem would be with an SMS proxy service. Whenever a user wanted to inquire about renting a tool from another person using the app, they would send a text message to the other person. The SMS proxy service meant that their real mobile phone number wouldn’t be disclosed in the process. The same would be said of the other party in the transaction: they would be assigned a proxy number as well. The entire communication between the renter and the tool owner would now be conducted without disclosing private information but by using a system familiar to most smartphone users: text messaging.

The implementation was simple and the adoption was a rousing success. More than 70% of initiated transactions made it to completion, up from 12%. Not only that, but 55% of users participated in more than one transaction each month, up from 8%. The user community was growing and seamless communication that didn’t require disclosing a phone number was a huge reason why. SMS proxy services took the company from the brink of failure to market leadership in their space.

Leveraging SMS Proxy Services

Text message proxy services allow communication by text message without disclosing an exact phone number. As privacy concerns come to light in this digital age, it is comforting for users and customers to know that they can participate in text message conversations and maintain an element of privacy. With smartphones becoming more and more integral to the way we communicate, having a way to maintain some control over identity will increase in importance not just for individuals but for corporations as well.

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