SMS for Reminders and Notifications

Calendar notifications on mobile devices allow users a chance to set alerts and appointments for themselves. What about setting appointment or scheduling events for another person or a team of people? SMS text messaging makes it easy to coordinate schedules, activity reminders and appointments for coworkers, clients, and customers alike. Staying organized and on-schedule has never been easier.

Leveraging the power of SMS messages for reminders and appointments brings the following benefits:

  • Keeping employees and customers updated with the latest information.
  • Making sure teams stay on schedule throughout the day.
  • Maximizing revenue by having fewer open appointment slots.
  • Increasing sales by increasing repeat business.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through product and service reminders.

How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Scheduling and Reminders

  • Setting new appointments.  Service businesses count on repeat appointments to be successful.  Text messaging makes it easy to follow up with customers and remind them when it’s time for their next appointment.
  • Updating a task or providing information.  Reminders often include new information for the recipient as well.  You can use SMS messaging to update coworkers or clients about a change to an event or appointment.
  • Scheduling upcoming events.   Letting coworkers and colleagues know of an upcoming meeting used to be done through a calendar on the wall or a shared computer program.  Now, in the day and age of distributed workers and telecommuters, text messages make setting meeting times for a group easier than ever before.
  • Customer notifications.   From a prescription ready for pickup at a pharmacy to a car ready for pickup at a body shop, text messaging is a quick way to let customers and clients know that an item is ready for them.
  • Reminding customers of recommended maintenance.  Just because it isn’t yet time for an appointment doesn’t mean your customers won’t benefit from knowing what is in store for them.   Using SMS messages to communicate upcoming service windows and timelines keeps your company organized and keeps the customer engaged.
  • Task lists for the upcoming workday.  Whether starting the day with a list of action items or getting organized again after time away from the office, text messages are a powerful way to communicate tasks and action items to employees.
  • Reorder reminders.  Keeping track of inventory and stock levels can be time-consuming and complicated.  With SMS notifications, you can set reminders to reorder products after they have decreased to a certain stock level.

How are other companies and brands using SMS to automate employee workflows and processes?


SMS Use Case – A Medical Clinic with Too Many Missed Appointments

The medical care clinic was experiencing a problem common to emergency medical services. Patients would come in to see a doctor and, once stabilized, might not return for the required follow-up visit. The doctors knew that getting patients to return for a second evaluation was key to confirming the initial issue had been solved and the person was back in good health. But time and again, patients missed their second appointments and were never heard from again. Adding to the problem was that each appointment slot scheduled for a patient that didn’t show up meant time wasted that could have been used to treat another person in need of medical care. The clinic knew that to deliver the high-quality health services they promised something would have to change. Here is how they did it.

Each patient intake form included a mobile number. In the past, calls to remind patients of an upcoming appointment would often go unanswered because the patient didn’t recognize the phone number. Now, using text messages the clinic could send a text message a day before the scheduled appointment reminding patients of the appointment time and the purpose of the visit. Simply letting people know that the second visit was necessary to evaluate their well-being and would only take a few minutes decreased the number of no-shows overnight. Text messaging gave the doctors a way to communicate with patients that was unobtrusive but hard to overlook. As a result, long-term patient health improved and the clinic had fewer and fewer open appointment slots.

Leveraging SMS Service into activity reminders

Using SMS to provide reminders and alerts to coworkers, customers, and clients is an efficient way to keep operations running smoothly and on-schedule. While some devices have built in reminders and schedules, those applications rarely work well when it comes to sharing information with other individuals or groups. Text messaging makes this sort of collaboration and distribution of information seamless and quick. If your organization could benefit from reminders and notifications delivered via text message, click here to contact the experts at Mosaic NetworX.

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