SMS Servers

SMS servers allow organizations to deliver high volumes of text messages at low cost to customers and employees all around the globe. Leveraging short messages through an SMS server allows companies and institutions to seamlessly communicate everything from data alerts to promotional offers to appointment reminders with the click of a button. Even better, SMS servers provide a secure and reliable platform for data transfer between two or more parties.

SMS servers provide a low cost, high response way to distribute information that can be used to increase efficiency and decrease costs when compared to older communication methods such as email and telephone.

Using SMS dedicated servers brings your organization the following benefits:

  • Fast distribution of messages and data to a wide audience
  • Trackable read and reply data to drive process improvements
  • Secure communication throughout an organization or team
  • Increased engagement with clients, customers, and team members
  • Easily managed marketing solutions for any size business

How to Use SMS Text Messaging

  • Sending promotional offers to customers.   SMS messaging is a great way to build customer loyalty through promotions and offers. Engaging with new and existing customers through SMS can increase revenue as well.
  • Announcing company news to the public.  Faxing a press release to the newspaper is too slow a way to share news. Cutting edge companies use text messages as part of their public relations platform.
  • Distributing public safety information. From traffic and weather advisories to updates on public safety, SMS text messages are a reliable and fast way to disseminate information to citizens.
  • Reminding employees of a company meeting.   Not everyone has a smartphone with a calendar application or an updated daytimer. SMS text messages can help schedule and remind employees of upcoming meetings.
  • Promoting an event to fans.  If you have a special event like a food drive or concert to promote, SMS messages allow you to provide important details to interested parties in a format they are likely to receive and read.
  • Delivering data to a software system.  Text messaging isn’t only about people communicating with other people. SMS technology means that devices can connect with software systems as well via reliable text messaging.
  • Collecting demographic and survey information.  SMS messaging can be used to engage customers, clients, and employees in a two-way conversation that solicits valuable feedback. Surveys and simple questions have high response rates when delivered by SMS.
  • Providing customer service to clients. Few people think of using text messaging for customer service. But SMS messages are a great way to support customers who aren’t near a phone or computer.

How are other companies and brands using SMS as a way to communicate with employees, clients, and vendors?

SMS Use Case – SMS for Brand Management

A popular eCommerce company faced a big problem: the more their revenue increased, the more out of touch they felt with their customers. Not long ago over half of the company’s sales were to repeat customers who loved the brand and what it stood for. But as the brand became more popular and attracted more people wanting to buy a T-shirt or poster, the original die-hard clients started to disappear. The eCommerce company was thankful for the growth, of course, but knew they wouldn’t be able to sustain the newfound popularity if the original passionate customers disappeared forever.

The marketing team realized it would need to switch strategies. How could they keep the passionate evangelists of the brand excited and engaged without turning away new customers? And how could they embrace new customers and opportunities without turning-off their original customers? It was a Catch-22 for sure, but one thing was clear: if the team didn’t find a new strategy soon they risked losing both sets of customers. Here’s how they did it:

First, the team used SMS messages to gather feedback from their oldest customers. They sent surveys asking what customers loved about the brand and what it represented to them. Next, they gathered feedback about those strengths and highlighted them in SMS messages to newer customers. The team was counting on the message uniting new customers and old customers with a common theme. The hope was that older customers would realize the company’s new popularity was a validation of their own values. At the same time, the company hoped to attract passionate new customers that shared the values and views of their original customers.

The plan worked. By using text messages to gather feedback and then making that feedback the backbone of new promotions, old customers realized that the company hadn’t changed at all. Furthermore, the message attracted new customers that fit in with the company culture as well. Over time, the eCommerce company continued to grow not only in revenue and total sales, but also in number of loyal brand evangelists.

Leveraging SMS Servers in the Enterprise

Text messages give corporate administrators and departments a simple way to share promotions, events, and news with a large and distributed audience. From product promotions to workflow directions, SMS communication helps organizations of all sizes more efficiently spread information to those that most need to receive it. From critical notifications and alerts to marketing plans and event promotions, text message technology improves the relationship between companies and individuals in meaningful ways.

If your organization is still counting on old-fashioned methods of communication like mail or conventional advertising, SMS services could be exactly what you need to increase awareness and engagement with employees and potential customers. Click here to contact Mosaic NetworX and learn how SMS services can enhance and improve the flow of information both inside your company and out!

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