User Features – Conference Bridge

A Conference Bridge allows two or more people to participate in a call. Within the UI, Conference Bridges are extremely easy to set-up and deploy. Pre-programmed room numbers and conference room PINs allow access to the conference via a callflow number.

Conferences are limited only by the hardware the conference is operating on.

Typical conference rooms can hold 20-50 people comfortably.

Create Conference Bridge

To set up a Conference Bridge that can be dialed via an extension or outside number, follow these steps:

  1. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Main Number.
  2. conference1

  3. From the Main Number tab, select on the Main Conference Number. Assign a phone number to a conference bridge by purchasing a number or adding a Spare Number. Once complete, this will be the number users will be calling for their conference bridge. Add multiple numbers if you like.
  4. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users.
  5. conference3

  6. Once you’re in the Users tab, click on the specific user’s User Features.
  7. conference4

  8. Once you’re in the User Features tab, click on Conference Bridge.
  9. conference5

  10. Enable the Conference Bridge and set a personal conference room number. Once this is complete, users will have their own personal Conference Bridge. All users will need to do is enter 10-digit phone number and room number. Click Save Changes to complete.
  11. conference6

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