User Features – Faxbox

Faxbox enables you to send and receive faxes via email without any additional hardware or integrations.

Setting up a Faxbox

  1. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users.
  2. Faxbox1

  3. Once you’re in the Users tab, click on the specific user’s User Features.
  4. Faxbox2

  5. Once you’re in the User Features tab, click on Faxbox.
  6. Faxbox3

  7. Once you’re in the Faxbox tab, select a dedicated phone number for receiving fax. Your SMTP email address will be auto-generated automatically after entering a Faxbox number. Please note that this number must be a spare or unused number. Once enabled, this will become your dedicated faxbox number.
  8. Faxbox4

  9. You are all set up and want to send a fax. Email should be:
    From: (must match email of user that fax box is configured on)
    All attachments MUST be sent in a pdf or tiff format.

A couple of additional notes:

  • The “from” email address MUST match the user’s email address that is configured in fax box. Each SMTP email address is unique to your user.
  • The fax number is where you will receive fax.
  • Only the attachments are sent, and therefore nothing in the body of your email will be included.

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