User Features – Find me, Follow me

Find me, follow me enables you to control how calls are routed to users who have multiple devices. This makes it extremely easy to reach users at any time. Route each user’s devices according to their preferences, and reach them on any device. Calls to your user’s number can ring simultaneously or sequentially, whether it’s a SIP based phone, softphone, Smartphone or even landline. This will dramatically reduce phone tags, missed calls, and long-distance surcharges. This is especially useful for businesses with employees on the go. Here’s how to set up find-me-follow-me:

  1. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users
  2. find1

  3. Within the Users tab, click on the individual User’s Device. Add additional devices if you have not already (In order for Find Me, Follow Me to be effective, you need to have multiple devices associated with a User).
  4. find2

  5. Then click on the User Features tab within the Users tab. Once you’re in the User Features tab, click on Find Me, Follow Me.
  6. find3

  7. Once you have enabled Find Me, Follow Me, begin routing calls to specific devices. Find me, follow me only works when multiple devices are assigned to a single user. Manage inbound calls to ring simultaneously or sequentially. Once you have set preferences, save your changes.
  8. find4

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