Mosaic NetworX Advantages

Carrier SD-WAN Offerings

When SD-WAN is acquired from a carrier, the enterprise is limited by the carrier’s network. The incumbent carrier won’t bring competitors into their SD-WAN solution. This means they may not offer the lowest price and optimum network design. If the carrier has an outage, your network goes down, too.

If an incumbent carrier doesn’t have fiber in a customer’s new building, it may require an expensive network buildout. If another carrier’s fiber is available in that building, the customer can have them provide WAN connectivity for that location. However, this puts additional burden on the customer, to manage and coordinate multiple carrier negotiations, and work with different NOCs, multiple support organizations, with separate, often complex billings.

SD-WAN combines multiple transports, and automates business and network policies for multiple physical and logical paths. This improves application performance, and eliminates outages and brown-outs from any one carrier network. However, carrier SD-WAN offerings typically leave little choice but to use their networks. Unfortunately, this approach defeats the intended purpose and real benefits of SD-WAN. Mosaic is carrier neutral, having wholesale contracts with over 300 carriers worldwide.

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