Mosaic NetworX Advantages

SD-WAN Edge Appliance Vendors

Let’s face it, no matter how vendors spin their marketing messages, WAN infrastructure is complicated, time-consuming and resource-intensive.

When SD-WAN is purchased as a stand-alone edge appliance solution, there is a hefty long-term cost and resource burden around it. SD-WAN edge appliance vendors will sell their technology, only to leave enterprise IT teams and network integrators to handle the complicated process of integrating everything. They make it all sound so simple and easy. They also make SD-WAN sound economical. They neglect to talk about the time and costs for integration, multiple carrier MSAs, transport deployments, and multiple carrier NOC support. Additionally, consider the internal IT time and cost to deploy, manage, monitor, support, and coordinate everything, everywhere, in perpetuity. Mosaic NetworX streamlines this whole matrix into one single solution.

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