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Mosaic NetworX Is Featured in the Velocloud Partner Spotlight

Mosaic NetworX Is Featured in the Velocloud Partner Spotlight

Mosaic NetworX is featured in the “VeloCloud Partner Spotlight”, this week. As you know, VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, is the industry’s #1 SD-WAN technology. This is great news for us, as Mosaic has been a VeloCloud partner since 2015, and we’ve built our fully managed SD-WANaaS around it. VeloCloud was an early pioneer of SD-WAN, and from the beginning, they have championed the idea of the “cloud being the network”. Today, that message rings truer than ever, and Mosaic is leading the industry with our SD-WAN as-a-Service with NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. I encourage you to check out the article below.

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Supply Chain Management Is Critical for Carrier Neutral SD-WAN

Mosaic NetworX has again been featured in an article this week. As you probably know, everyone is talking about the amazing virtues of SD-WAN. But, very few vendors talk about the interdependent network connections and service providers, and the complexity and costs that are associated with SD-WAN. This article explains the value of SD-WAN as-a-Service, and the importance of SD-WAN supply chain management.

In the article, Matt Hiles explains the, not so subtle, differences between SD-WAN DIY and SD-WAN as a fully managed, carrier neutral service. He further details how the services around SD-WAN play a critical role in delivering on the promise of simplicity, cost savings and agility.

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Southern Theaters Uses the Simplicity of Mosaic’s NetworX SD-WAN to Transform Their Network

Mosaic’s customer, Southern Theaters, was recently featured in an article. The company explained how they are using Mosaic SMARTWAVET™ SD-WAN as-a-Service to transform their “awful and unreliable” network connections, into a scalable and reliable solution with two Internet connections and a failover at each location.

In the article, Ben Strauss says, “at some of these sites it’s been a little bit tricky, and that’s one of the challenges Mosaic has been helping us with.” That’s exactly what we like to hear. It confirms our philosophy that complexity is the enemy of innovation and execution. And when layers of complexity are removed, simplicity and agility emerge. Mosaic adds simplicity, by creating a user-friendly SD-WAN managed service model. We accomplish this by leveraging best-in-class SD-WAN technology, and wrapping fully managed services around it – including multi-transport provisioning.

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Mosaic NetworX and WTG Tie the Knot, Bringing SD-WANaaS to the Channel

I encourage you to check out this week’s partnership announcement with WTG. We are very excited about the partnership that brings huge selling opportunities to WTG’s agents. Selling SD-WAN is becoming a booming opportunity for the channel. But, the channel can take advantage of a much larger revenue opportunity than just selling SD-WAN edge devices.

With Mosaic SD-WANaaS, they can sell the entire SD-WAN supply chain – SD-WAN, MSA contracts and transport procurement. Mosaic simplifies application delivery infrastructure, by designing, deploying, servicing, and supporting everything within a single contract and invoice. This gives the over 3,500 agents of WTG the ability to transform their customer’s app delivery infrastructure from a complicated, build-your-own model, to a simplified fully-managed SD-WAN service model.

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Streamlining and Simplifying SD-WAN Supply Chain Management

Following the recent announcement of our partnership with Connected2fiber, I had the opportunity to speak with Ali Longwell, Associate Editor at SDx Central. We talked about how Mosaic NetworX is leveraging Connected2Fiber’s platform to help our agent partners shorten their sales cycle for multi-carrier circuit quoting, pricing and provisioning. Ali summed up the conversation in a wonderful article posted on entitled, “Mosaic NetworX Shortens Its SD-WAN Sales Process With Connected2Fiber.

Delivering the best WAN connectivity options based on proximity, price, deployment time, and service quality, is one of the many SD-WAN supply chain services we provide. This remarkable back-office function also benefits our channel partners, enabling them to deliver faster customer quotes and sell more SD-WAN services. Mosaic continues to optimize and automate our SD-WAN supply chain processes to help our agent partners shorten their sales cycle, and accelerate access and decision-making on multi-carrier location information.

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