Key Elements Required Beyond Technology for Effective Cybersecurity

Security should hit every touch-point of your business. Beyond firewalls, antivirus, encryption and authentication technologies, there are critical security elements that should be implemented by every business, many of which have nothing to do with [...]

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Virtualizing Networking and Security, With Seamless Orchestration

Virtualization is becoming an increasingly powerful IT solution for combining multiple, dissimilar network and security functions into a single platform and architecture that is easily consumed and software-defined. From the IT perspective within the data [...]

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The Software-defined Revolution is Transforming IT: Why You Won’t Succeed Without It

Network services are somewhat new to WANs, as hardware-based appliances represent traditional WAN architecture. These appliances include routers, switches, firewalls, WAN optimizers, load balancers, proxy servers and other single-function devices. For decades, enterprises were [...]

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