Wholesale & Carrier Domestic Termination Service

Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

Mosaic NetworX’s Wholesale Domestic Termination Service provides North America 1+ domestic traffic for service providers and carriers. You expect an efficient and scalable network that provides VoIP interconnection, and you need it at a price that doesn’t kill your bottom line.

  • All IP scalable network with diverse routes for added protection
  • Optimized footprint of interconnected carriers
  • Simplified SIP Interconnection
  • Direct Connect termination option for On-Net termination to Mosaic codes

Value is paramount. Whether you’re a reseller or hosted service provider, Mosaic NetworX understands that providing a high-quality voice service while managing margins can be challenging.

Call us and we’ll show you how to utilize our Wholesale Termination Service to drive down costs and improve call quality on every minute. You can contact us online or talk to a person at 800-688-3770 today!

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