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SD-WAN Deployment for Branch Offices

SD-WAN that easily connects thousands of sites.

SD-WAN provides seamless connectivity to any number of branch locations. Every branch is connected through a virtual network that pools multiple links of any type into an active and intelligently allocated bandwidth resource. And it’s all easily controlled, managed and orchestrated from a single point.

WAN simplified. Whether you have five, or five thousand locations…

Today’s business dynamics are changing in dramatic ways. Cloud, virtualization and the mobile workforce are forcing changes that traditional WANs aren’t built for.

It doesn’t matter how many branch locations you have. With today’s dynamic business climate, and new technologies like cloud, mobility and virtualization, every enterprise needs to rethink their WAN. Rather than simply using the WAN as a way to connect their users, enterprises must see the great business asset that the WAN can be, and how it can be used as a force to move their organization forward to better compete in the marketplace.

Business-driven Infrastructure.

The WAN used to simply connect branch office workers to the corporate data center. But today, the WAN is business-critical, for employees, customers and business partners. The WAN must adapt to dynamic business requirements, and provide the agility, reliability and security that every user needs for business.

For the WAN to succeed in this vital role as business-driven infrastructure, it must move well beyond the traditional role it has had for decades. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN provides the platform that enables the WAN to do just that. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN breaks through the complexity barriers than have held enterprises back from accomplishing their business requirements. Gone is the complexity, along with the glut of single-function devices and complicated configurations. Gone are the time-intensive, and mundane tasks configuring every single device at every branch location.

Freedom is now the mantra that IT espouses. SD-WAN allows IT to orchestrate business, QoS and security policies, to access, regardless of where the users or applications are, or what physical devices or networks connect them. SD-WAN enables flexibility and location-independence, steering traffic directly between the application source and its destination —  allocating bandwidth and prioritizing traffic to provide a quality user experience.

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