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The Highly Adaptable Enterprise-Class WAN

Over the past decades, WAN infrastructure has, for better or worse, evolved to catch up with the needs of enterprises. While, in the past, business change advanced faster than WAN technology could keep up, new technologies like virtualization, cloud and software defined infrastructure, are enabling the WAN to respond faster, and provide high-value capabilities and services that quickly and easily adapt to enterprises requirements.

Getting the most from your WAN.

SD-WAN is a highly adaptable asset, enabling enterprises with unprecedented agility, while lowering costs.

SD-WAN, with network functions virtualization, and delivered through a cloud-based network, provides agile connectivity, simplified management, and optimized cloud/SaaS access and performance for every user at every branch location.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN provides secure and reliable connectivity to support all your branch offices. Network capabilities and services are software defined, and delivered through cloud services over any type of network transports, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional hardware configurations.

Dynamic Multi-Path Selection

For users in branch offices, traffic is proactively steered across the optimal path to guarantee a quality user experience for cloud and SaaS applications. Dynamic multi-path selection combines unique technology and services, including continuous monitoring, dynamic self-learning application steering, and on-demand remediation.

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