Green SD-WAN

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A planet-friendly SD-WAN

A cloud-delivered SD-WAN will lower your carbon footprint.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN deploys a single edge device. Service chaining eliminates many added single-function devices. Single-point orchestration leverages multi-tenancy and virtual resource sharing, optimizes connectivity and bandwidth efficiency, reduces power usage, frees up rack space, saves money, and lowers your carbon footprint – for every branch office.

Branch office services are expanding.

As enterprise user increase their dependence on a variety of devices, and enjoy the freedom that mobility gives them, IT staff need to find ways to support branch growth, and the growth in network services within each branch. Branch users require secure, predictable and reliable application performance, no matter where the applications are hosted. Through the years, enterprises have added branch office network devices for security, unified communications, WAN optimization, and more. Each device requires power to run, and creates heat that must be cooled. All this energy consumption equates to costs. The aggregate cost to run all this equipment quickly adds up, impacting your operations budget.

Reducing branch resources.

A green computing directive will reduce the environmental impact from IT operations. When an enterprise takes a green stance for the planet, they can be rewarded with more green in their coffers, by improving IT infrastructure that reduces energy costs for every branch office. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN is based on technologies like virtualization and cloud, that support a green computing directive.

A single SD-WAN branch device.

Reducing the environmental impact of IT operations is made easier with SD-WAN. Eliminating truck rolls, removing the plethora of single-function devices, and supporting cloud connectivity, not only lowers energy bills, it helps achieve your green directives.

Welcome to the sharing economy.

Cloud, virtualization, and a multi-tenant architecture provides a platform that applications and services share on physical servers. Service chaining not only eliminates all those single-function devices, it also reduces the time and cost that those devices consume in energy and resource management. SD-WAN provides scalable, on-demand connectivity. On-demand means you’re not paying for something you’re not using. That includes the cost of bandwidth, as well as the energy costs to support that bandwidth. The same holds true for network devices and server resources. Did you know, a single application server may be utilized only 5%-15% of the time, while you pay for 100% of the power it consumes all the time. This is where the value of a virtualization come in, where a 10 to 1 server consolidation ration is common, and can significantly lower energy consumption – lowering your carbon emissions.

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