Hybrid WAN Technology

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Hybrid WAN

SD-WAN optimizes Hybrid WAN.

A Hybrid WAN utilizes combined private MPLS and diverse Internet circuits to support branch locations. An SD-WAN significantly simplifies deployment and ongoing management, seamless implementing network efficiencies to overcome the inherent challenges associated with Internet links. Traffic is intelligently steered across the right network path at the appropriate time, guaranteeing  a quality user experience. SD-WAN also provides a quality IT administrator experience, enabling centralized control and visibility, efficiently routing traffic, and using business policies to ensure applications are reliable, secure and high performing.

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Already have a Hybrid WAN?

You already have a Hybrid WAN that includes MPLS and Internet circuits, and you are benefiting from efficiencies from route selection and business application performance by manually selecting Internet paths for certain traffic. But, has it also frustrated users, that complain about inconsistent application performance?

Without the ability to specify automated business policies that steer the right application over the right circuit at the right time, you will continue to receive user complaints about application performance.

Think you might need an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is leading the digital transform of the enterprise WAN, simplifying branch connectivity to achieve:

  • Reliable application performance that is transport and service provider independent, delivering the most demanding applications, while using the most economical bandwidth
  • Business policy automation that simplifies IT operations, with zero-touch provisioning at branch offices, and provides single-click service insertion
  • Seamless on-ramp to the cloud, with direct SaaS and cloud access, with reliability, security and optimal performance

Achieve optimal performance with economical bandwidth.

SD-WAN bundles multiple network circuits into a virtual pool of available bandwidth.

SD-WAN uses path selection, dynamic traffic engineering and link conditioning analytics to optimize bandwidth utilization, delivering reliable and consistent application performance to all users. SD-WAN provides simplified, optimized, shortest-path and secure traffic delivery to cloud and SaaS, without backhauling traffic through the corporate data center.

Leverage cloud security services, dynamic tunnel meshing, and cloud gateway services to provide secure and reliable SaaS connectivity from any branch location in your WAN.

Efficiently steer application traffic.

Using multiple, diverse links (e.g. broadband, 4G/LTE, MPLS, etc.), SD‐WAN dynamically steers application traffic on a per‐packet basis, ensuring enterprise-class reliability and performance. Real-time analytics on link conditions provide sub-second traffic steering to avoid black-outs and brown-outs.

Ease management, visibility and control.

Cloud-based SD-WAN orchestration enables unparalleled network visibility and control:

  • IT administrators define analytics-based actions to ensure the network responds automatically in real-time, to specific activities and events
  • Visibility and management of application-priority policies and security policies, provides integrated viewing, tracking, adjusting and monitoring
  • SD-WAN provides zero-touch provisioning for branch offices. All that is needed is power and network connectivity for a branch office to come online, automatically learn its configuration, and start operation.

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