SD-WAN vs. Branch Routers

SD-WAN vs. Branch Routers2018-09-16T20:46:12+00:00

Free Your WAN from Hardware Limitations

Legacy routers are increasingly putting constraints on branch offices, as workers become mobile and applications move to the cloud. SD-WAN removes those limitations, giving enterprises agility and greater access to new network services, as they move from proprietary hardware to a software defined approach. Learn more by downloading our infographic.

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Are Branch Routers Truely Legacy?

Cloud, virtualization, and mobility, are redefining network infrastructure, such that traditional routers are no longer able to sufficiently meet branch requirements. SD-WAN virtual CPE, virtual network functions (VNFs), and cloud services, like security, network optimization, and unified communications, are creating reliable, secure, and scalable branch networks, with the performance enterprises need.

SD-WAN Replaces the Branch Router

SD-WAN replaces network routers, enabling a proactive business-driven network platform, rather than a reactive, response-based system.

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