Bandwidth Demand

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Need for Bandwidth

The ever-growing demand for bandwidth shows no sign of letting up, with multi-clouds, a myriad of mobile devices and a plethora of business and multi media applications.

All these elements unwittingly conspire to grab their own place in the WAN, each vying for the same limited bandwidth. Yet each has a priority when it comes to business policies and WAN administration. As enterprise branch offices expand, multiple cloud services are deployed, and users increasingly rely on their mobile devices, enterprises must satisfy these demands, even when they are faced with shrinking IT budgets. A cloud-delivered SD-WAN is able to meet these challenges, allowing enterprises to take advantage of low-cost broadband, without sacrificing reliability, security and a quality user experience.

Large Enterprise Network

Bandwidth Demands

Transport Independent SD-WAN

The Mosaic’s SoftWave SD-WAN architecture addresses these challenges, by cost-effectively and flexibly expanding bandwidth through multi-circuit aggregation. The SD-WAN will ensure the business applications you want to prioritize, get the bandwidth and network quality they need. And your voice and video applications receive the quality and performance they require through:

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