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Connectivity Everywhere You Need It.

Our Cloud Network core functions are more than just software-defined. Every networking function is virtualized and delivered as a service. This includes optimal packet path selection and security policy enforcement.

The Cloud Network provides world-class application performance, visibility, reliability, and security for users in  every branch office.

The challenging workplace environment.

Today we operate in a virtual world, this include our workplaces where users are mobile, working from locations where IT doesn’t have direct control. Workers connect to applications through myriad devices, accessing any number of cloud-based applications. Our enterprise environments are highly distributed, and mobile. Yet, they still need reliable and consistent access to business applications, no matter where they are.

Yet, some how, IT staff still must provide the same level of secure connectivity, and be able to control access and performance for their distributed workforce. This means every employee, no matter where they are, will have secure, reliable and consistent connectivity to every application they need to be productive. This is very difficult to accomplish with a traditional network architecture.

Data center to cloud migration has enabled IT to more easily manage applications and infrastructure. they are able to leverage the cloud’s economies of scale and elasticity to spin up or down services based on business cycles and requirements.

This migration has now enveloped network services that are being transformed, using the same software defined and virtualization principles. Cloud-based networks are enabling new services that bring greater levels of productivity and competitive advantage to those who lead their enterprises into this digital transformation.

The network cloud.

Cloud-based networks enable services that are required for today’s distributed workforce, that carry any number of mobile devices, and access multiple cloud services for their business applications. This requires a new WAN architecture, one that is cloud-centric and cloud-delivered. A cloud-based network is not rigid, or characterized by strict public-private demarcations. A cloud-based network is free from geographic location and ownership of network hardware.

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