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Delivering High Quality Care

Healthcare providers rely on WAN connectivity for patients. However, lack of security, slow network performance and downtime are not options.

Healthcare Must Keep Up with IT Advancements

Traditional network architectures were not built for the growing demands of the today’s distributed healthcare organizations. The dedicated private network is rapidly being displaced with secure, agile and cost-efficient network diversity. Office applications, patient records and images that were exclusively stored in the data center, are now being sent to cloud services.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN Supports
Healthcare WAN Requirements

SD-WAN enables healthcare providers to grow bandwidth using diverse Internet links that are much lower in cost, compared to private circuits. SD-WAN brings additional required capabilities that enable WAN agility and optimized connectivity that supports HIPPA compliance. SD-WAN enables the control of individual traffic streams using business policies to improve security, performance and reliability.

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