Hybrid WAN

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Hybrid WAN

Expand network reliability and agility, while reducing WAN costs.

A hybrid WAN lowers overall bandwidth costs, enables service provider diversity, and provides greater reliability over a single-provider network. Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN leverages the hybrid WAN for rapid network deployments; significantly lowering costs, while increasing bandwidth. Learn more in our “Taking Hybrid WANs Further” white paper:

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Hybrid WAN Benefits

A hybrid WAN takes advantage of existing MPLS investments, while adding lower cost Internet circuits to create a virtual WAN. Now you can reliably support cloud traffic, and direct applications to the optimal circuit based on your business needs.

Hybrid WAN with Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN

Achieve an enterprise-class WAN that is flexible and highly scalable, with virtually any type of Internet circuit, along with your private circuit (e.g. MPLS).

“Hybrid will be the new normal for next generation enterprise WAN.”

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