Outcome Driven Networking

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Automation and Intelligence – Drivers for Digital Transformation

For digital transformation to be successful, IT staff need to be empowered with technology that not only simplifies WAN complexity, they also need solutions that offload the mundane manual tasks that distract them from more important work.

IT teams are overburdened by manually intensive processes managing various network functions. SD-WAN helps automate these activities, so enterprises can use their WAN as a strategic advantage to accomplishing their business goals, and getting the appropriate outcomes from their WAN investments.

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Moving Business Forward Requires a New Network Management Shift

Enterprises can no longer be held back, or even held hostage by legacy WANs that are too complex, hardware-bound, and difficult to configure and maintain. The cloud and mobility have heightened the pace of business, and IT must keep up with these new demands. In response, enterprise WANs must be flexible, cloud-driven, and simplified.

Outcome-Driven Networking

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service is built on VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Outcome-Driven Networking is a VeloCloud approach that builds on SDN and SD-WAN principals.  An Outcome-Driven SD-WAN enables automated network configurations and processes, and a network-wide intelligence that auto-learns and self-corrects.

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