SMS for Workforce Automation

Moving and keeping workers and resources in the right place at the right time can be a challenge for even the most agile organizations. Many of the most efficient enterprises, both large and small, call on SMS technology to help plan, track, and automate the flow of their resources and people so that work activity stays on time and under budget. By leveraging text messages to communicate automated next-steps and directions, companies in industries like transportation and distribution are able to reduce human error and find new efficiencies in the logistics process.

Using text messaging for workforce automation and direction offers a low cost, high speed platform that keeps human resources working efficiently and in concert.

The benefits of bringing SMS into your workforce automation plan include:

  • Reduction of time wasted on non-essential tasks
  • Increased allocation of appropriate human resources
  • Increased transport planning
  • Decreased costs associated with transport inefficiencies
  • Increased worker productivity

How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Workforce Automation

  • Dispatching goods for delivery.  Text messages can help manage the flow of goods and resources out for delivery. From parcels and packages to courier services, SMS messaging can direct a more efficient delivery route.
  • Planning the most efficient route of travel.   Freight haulers and delivery drivers count on reducing fuel consumption and saving time at every possible turn. SMS messages help make their routes more efficient.
  • Streamlining order-picking activities.  Warehouse rows and racks can seemingly stretch for miles in some instances. Text messages help those picking products in the warehouse make more efficient use of their time instead of running from one side of the building to another grabbing products.
  • Scheduling workers.  From restaurants to homebuilders, schools to police departments, scheduling workers and human resources in an efficient way can be the difference between profitability and wasted payroll costs. SMS messaging means communicating the schedule with the team is clear and complete.
  • Dispatching public safety personnel. Different times of day bring different public safety concerns. From increased traffic during rush hour to increased assaults after 11pm, efficiently managing public safety personnel is good for the entire community. SMS messaging helps allocate these resources.
  • Directing work schedules as a group. SMS messaging to change work schedules and employee utilization is a powerful way to avoid cost overruns. Text messages can be distributed quickly, meaning your team is optimized at all times.
  • Distributing new process improvement in near-real time. As data is gathered in an organization, process improvements and workflow efficiencies may be discovered at any time. Communicating these changes to the team is easily done through SMS messaging.

How are other companies and brands using SMS to automate their workforce and resources?

SMS Use Case – Workforce Automation

Many international shipping and logistics companies offer customers firm delivery commitments for packages and freight. Keeping those promises isn’t a simple process in the least. Drivers must make use of every precious moment to avoid delays. Optimizing their routes not just for meeting those commitments but also for saving fuel and reducing pollution is a process improvement that these organizations take very seriously. For years, communicating in real time with a distributed and ever-moving workforce has posed a significant challenge to shipping companies. Driving efficiencies on a minute-by-minute basis was impossible to do using cell phones.

So these companies turned to SMS notifications through handheld devices. By giving each hub a way to stay connected to each driver in real time, SMS messaging enabled the entire organization to spot and deploy improvements and route modifications at a moment’s notice. Here’s how it works:

A driver has a route that will take three hours and includes the delivery of 50 overnight packages (promised by 10:30am) and 20 Ground service packages (promised by 1pm). After the driver leaves the depot, the company’s routing software notices that half of the ground packages are due to be delivered to a location next door to the driver’s first overnight package delivery. By delivering those Ground packages at the same time, the driver will save both the time and fuel cost of coming back to the same location after the overnight packages are delivered. The logistics manager at the hub receives a notification of the route improvement and approves a text message to be sent to the driver. His route is slightly modified and results in substantial savings of time and cost. Now, consider that thousands of similar efficiencies are found each day and the savings add up quickly. Text messaging allows these resource allocations to be communicated quickly so the change can take place.

Leveraging SMS Service in to Workforce Automation

Text messaging allows organizations of all shapes and sizes to communicate quickly and securely with workers both in the office and out in the field. With the amount of data being analyzed on a regular basis, new efficiencies and opportunities discovered in real time can be distributed to workers with little delay due to SMS services. From delivery personnel saving precious time to distributors maximizing their product yield, text messaging plays a vital role in process improvement across organizations in a wide variety of industries.

If your company seeks to communicate more easily with employees as a means of improving resource allocation and improving workflows in near-real time, contact Mosaic NetworX to learn more about how SMS technology can play a role in your success!

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