SMS for Event Promotions

Using Text Messages for Event Promotion

Much of the popularity of text messaging is tied to the fact that many people keep their mobile phone with them practically all the time. What better way to promote an event then being able to reach out to customers and clients even when they are on the go? SMS means connecting with people wherever they might be. Promoting your event with details like time and location is made simple with text messaging.

Marketing your event or special occasion with SMS means a low cost, high engagement platform that increases attendance and brand awareness.

The Benefits of Bringing SMS into Your Event Promotion Plan

  • Sending updates of changes to event details
  • Reminding your audience that an event is taking place
  • Building excitement around an event
  • Promoting ticket sales for an event or occasion
  • Offering special VIP access to an event

How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Event Promotion

SMS messaging gives you a powerful tool to engage an audience at every stage of event promotion.  From announcing the event to providing details about purchasing tickets and reasons why they should attend, text messages make getting information to potential attendees simple and fast.

  • Announcing an event. Simply letting customers and clients know about the event is the first step to generating interest.  Thankfully, text messages are the perfect medium for communicating detailed information about an upcoming activity.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Offering advanced ticket sales.  Promoting event attendance through ticket sales is easy with SMS messaging.  Sending a message with a phone number to the ticket office or link to an online ticket vendor lets your audience know how they can acquire admission to the event.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Creating excitement.Text messages can be used to give your audience a reason to be excited about an event. From offering details to sharing insight on what makes your event special, little details shared via SMS message can go a long way in creating enthusiasm about your upcoming activity.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Updating attendees about location and time.The most important details of your event are the when and the where.   Using text messages to get this information out to attendees means no one will miss the event you’ve worked so hard to plan.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Providing details and information. If you’ve worked hard to make your event special then you’ll have plenty of details you want to share. A series of text messages letting interested customers and clients know what’s going on will increase interest and attendance.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Soliciting feedback about activities. Text messages can also be used to get feedback from attendees about the order of events, menu items, or agenda. Getting input from those that will come to your event can help make it a success.
SMS for Event Promotion
  • Enlisting attendees to spread the word. Text messages can make attendees feel like they are part of something special when it comes to an upcoming event.  Use SMS messages to enlist their help getting other people involved.  
SMS for Event Promotion


Text Message Campaign Created Buzz and Sold Out Tickets to a Summer Concert Hosted by a Radio Station

The Top-40 station never thought they’d be able to book such a popular musical artist for their summer concert event. Hosted over Fourth of July Weekend, the Summer Music Festival had seen a decline in attendance in recent years because the artists involved weren’t able to generate much excitement. But this year would be different. Having such a popular artist involved would no doubt bring a lot of people to the concert. However, to make that happen the station needed to get the word out quickly about the new headliner for the Summer Music Festival. Here is how they did it.

The radio station started by announcing the new artist during on-air promotional spots. But with the concert only a few days away and ticket sales lagging, they needed to get the message to listeners much faster. The promotions department set in motion an SMS message campaign meant to promote awareness of the event, share the location and time, and encourage ticket sales. Through a series of daily text messages the station sent links to the artist’s music videos and ticket purchasing website. Furthermore, the station sent messages asking listeners to tell their friends about the popular new artist just announced for the Summer Concert.

The campaign exceeded their wildest expectations. Tickets began selling quickly and the message started to spread virally on social media. Instead of being an afterthought event, the Summer Concert was the number one creator of buzz in the community. In fact, excitement was so high that they had to move the concert to a larger venue. To communicate the change in location, the radio station sent more text messages advising listeners that due to such high demand, the concert would be held at a larger auditorium. By the time the concert date came, the event was sold out and the station was the talk of the town.


Leveraging SMS Service to Promote your Event

If there was ever a time to use SMS messaging to engage an audience, it’s during the promotion of an event or activity. From announcing details like time and place to setting an agenda, from generating excitement to selling tickets, text messaging makes it possible to announce and promote a successful event of any type with your audience.

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