SMS Gateways

SMS gateways allow text messages to be transmitted across a number of communications platforms. Some gateways simply send and receive text messages, while other convert text to email or email to text. Others turn pictures into text messages or transfer files to SMS platforms. In short, SMS gateways allow messages of many types to be converted to or converted from text messages so they are available across platforms and devices.

Businesses and organizations can use SMS gateways to unify their communications and project their message to a larger set of recipients than if they used only one delivery mechanism.

A full-feature SMS gateway provides your organization the following benefits:

  • Wider distribution of communications to clients, customers, and employees
  • Full conversion of messaging across many platforms
  • Distribution of mixed media from a single platform
  • Cost-effective auto-response to customer messages
  • Simple payment processing

Real world examples of SMS Gateway use

  • Automating payment processing.  Customers and clients can process account payments using SMS messaging. Actions communicated via text can trigger payments to occur using stored payment methods.
  • Providing text to phone messages. Many smartphones now include a feature that allows the user to send a text to a person calling them indicating they are not available to answer the call. Those messages are delivered via text message and then converted to audio when the original caller answers the phone.
  • Single-platform messaging to a customer’s preferred contact method. SMS marketing platforms use SMS technology to deliver messages via email, MMS, and text. Rather than using different platforms for each method, full-feature SMS gateways can convert the format as required so each recipient gets the message using their preferred method of communication.
  • Cost-effectively sending and receiving of pictures and videos. Delivering larger data sets like pictures and videos is more cost-effective using SMS technology. Text messages can deliver sizeable files quickly and conveniently to any device.
  • Simplifying marketing.  SMS messaging allows marketers to craft a single, effective message without necessarily needing graphics and bright colors. The message is what matters when it comes to marketing with text messages.
  • Building an opt-in Subscriber list.   Text messaging is a great way to collect phone numbers and emails addresses for a newsletter or subscriber list. Putting a five-digit SMS number in a retail location, print advertisement, or website is a call-to-action for the reader to provide demographic information about themselves in exchange for increased information about the brand or product.

SMS Use Case – SMS Gateways

A popular chain of coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest wanted to integrate a charitable campaign with their company anniversary celebration. To do so meant carefully balancing the sales and discounts they wanted to promote during the week of the anniversary with the message behind the cause for which they hoped to increase awareness. Customers of the chain were charitable in nature, but mixing the charity with a promotion of the store could create confusion or worse: customers could potentially see the campaign as opportunistic and exploitive.

To make the entire campaign a success, the Digital Marketing team decided that each message would need to stand on its own. Celebrating the store’s anniversary could be communicated through an email campaign and television advertising. But to increase engagement with the charitable cause, the company decided to use opt-in text messaging promotions in each store to promote awareness. When customers came to the store for the birthday promotion, they would have the opportunity to send a text message to a number that would provide them with information about the charitable cause. The SMS campaign would also allow participants to donate a monetary gift to the charity with a simple text message. Having a more direct line of communication about the good work being done by the charity would have a more lasting effect on the message recipient then a television or print campaign.

Even with high expectations the entire Executive team couldn’t believe the results. The campaign to drive traffic to the store led to a 14% gross sales increase during the week of the anniversary. But those results paled in comparison to the number of people that signed up to learn more about the charity and donated a monetary gift through text messaging. The giving generated from the coffee-store promotion alone eclipsed the previous record haul of the charity by 50%. Furthermore, the charity added over 100,000 new subscribers to its opt-in newsletter!

Leveraging SMS Gateways to build your business

As simple as SMS messaging technology seems, there is real power in using an SMS gateway as the backbone of a unified messaging system. The fast, cost-effective nature of SMS, combined with different messaging applications can mean more responsive customer service and simplified corporate messaging.

If your organization is still stuck using different platforms like email and telephone to communicate key pieces of data to customers through disparate and unconnected messaging services, click here to contact Mosaic NetworX and learn how an SMS gateway can streamline communications and put you back in charge of your message!

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