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Geolocation integration with SMS is a simple yet effective way to communicate important information to a specific set of recipients. From workers in a certain area needing information about a meeting, to the public at large facing terrible weather systems, text messaging by region provides a powerful way to get information to those that need it most without including those that are far away.
Geographically targeted SMS services allow organizations and public interests to stay engaged with those that are literally near an activity, event, or occurrence.

Using SMS text messages by region brings your organization the following benefits:

  • Targeted messaging.
  • Increased demographic information.
  • Decreased SMS “spam” for recipients.
  • Reduced messaging costs for national providers.
  • Flexible content based on area.

How to Use Regional SMS Text Messaging

  • Announcing an event to a group of fans.  Subscribers to a distribution list can be broken down into regions. As a result, text messages you send announcing an event or occasion can be targeted to those most likely nearby.
  • Communicating traffic delays in a certain area.  Geo-targeting traffic delay messaging combines information distribution with safety. You wouldn’t want a driver far from an accident reading a text message while driving. But drivers about to travel through the specific area will appreciate the information.
  • Providing updates on a school activity. Letting parents and students know what’s happening around school is a great way to get them involved. SMS text messages by region can deliver that message.
  • Coordinating travel to a remote event.  People traveling to an event or location from far away will appreciate directions that get them from where they are to where they are going. SMS applications can now use a recipient’s location to customize the message for a variety of recipients coming from a variety of locations.
  • Delivering community news at a parade.  Getting the community together to celebrate a holiday or special occasion can be fun for everyone. Communicating via SMS message with those in attendance can make the experience even better.
  • Informing homebuyers of a nearby open house.  Getting useful information into the hands of potential homebuyers at just the right time can go a long way in selling a house. SMS geo-targeted messages can help in a big way.
  • Communicating an Amber or Silver Alert to people in a specific area. Public safety and SMS messaging go hand in hand. Alerting the nearby public to a lost child or senior citizen via text message means more people keeping an eye out.

How are other companies and brands targeting SMS by region as a way to communicate with employees, clients, and vendors?

SMS Use Case

In 2012, a franchisor of over 80 hardware stores was looking for a way to engage customers more often. The marketing team knew that soliciting for business wouldn’t last for long before subscribers started opting out. Having worked to build their subscriber list and eager to see it grow, not reduce, in size, the team began to brainstorm how they could draw more attention to their network of stores without seeming “spammy” or overly aggressive. They soon realized that the messages needed to provide something of value to the message recipient that didn’t involve asking them to buy something.

After careful discussion, a plan was put in place to distribute severe weather alerts to subscribers based on the zip code and area code listed in the contact database. Delivering weather reporting specific to each area required some coordination with the National Weather Service, but the flexibility of SMS messaging made this kind of communication simple for the hardware stores. The network of stores hoped that the regionally-based weather alerts would remind people of that leaky roof before a rainstorm or the pipes they need to cover before a hard freeze and bring them in to the store for supplies.

The plan worked. The network of hardware stores was able to increase brand awareness by providing something of value through regionally targeted text messages. The design of the ongoing campaign resulted in a three-fold increase in subscribers to the alerts themselves and increased foot-traffic to the hardware stores. The brand awareness created by the campaign continues to fuel customer loyalty and engagement even as the campaign closes in on its third year of existence.

Leveraging SMS Service for Regional Communication

If your organization is a nationwide entity or part of a larger network, targeting your messages by region or geographic location gives you the ability to share information only with those who are most likely to be affected by that information. Instead of casting a wide-net across the country with your message or content, SMS services by region allow you to provide data, alerts, and promotions to customers and the public at large that are meaningful to them without infringing on other people far away.

If your organization maintains a large geographic presence and is looking for efficient ways to target your communications, click here to contact Mosaic NetworX and learn how SMS services by region can work for you!

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