User Features – Inbound Call Recording

Enable call recordings for all of your inbound calls. Call recording has become a critical business component for SMB’s, Fortune 500 centers and call centers. This has provided enhancement for quality assurance, training and more. Let’s take a look at how that is setup!

Create Inbound Call Recording

  1. From the CloudPhone toolbar, select Users.
  2. callrecording1

  3. Once you’re in the Users tab, click on the specific user’s User Features.
  4. callrecording2

  5. In the User Features tab, select Inbound Call Recording.
  6. callrecording3

  7. Enable the User Call Recording Settings. Once enabled, select the format of the subsequent audio file, your server URL to receive the file, and how long to record for (at a maximum). You can also record your own personal message or music and upload it in the UI. Save your changes!
  8. callrecording4

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