Telecommunication solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes have changed dramatically in recent years. A closet full of hardware is now an expensive, complicated, and restrictive solution compared to CloudPhone solutions now available. A CloudPhone solution means access to new features and increased reliability and scalability.

Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone takes the office phone system out of the corner closet and puts it in the cloud. No more expensive hardware or complicated software. No more legacy equipment struggling to keep up with the growing demands of today’s business environment.

How It Works

CloudPhone solutions offer businesses and employees alike certain features and benefits that aren’t available when using in-house, hardware-based PBX. Mosaic NetworXCloudPhone is a fully integrated communications solution for organizations of all sizes. DeployingCloudPhone couldn’t be simpler. First, your employees plug softphones and PCs into your internet connection. Then, simply install theCloudPhone application on employee smartphones and devices. Once installed, the application connects with Mosaic NetworXCloudPhone platform to seamlessly deliver voice calls, faxes, conference calls, and more. Regardless of location, employees will have full access to the entire feature set of CloudPhone, leading to a better experience for customers and clients alike.

Mosaic NetworX provides guidance and consultation during both the setup and management of your CloudPhone deployment. From converting your existing lines and phone numbers to adding users and setting up voicemail, Mosaic NetworX will help configure and optimize your CloudPhone installation to fit your organization’s specific needs. From there, management is simple and intuitive.

Features and Benefits

CloudPhone from Mosaic NetworX provides access to tools and features designed to help your employees stay connected to clients, contacts, and partners. From teleconferencing to remote voicemail delivery,CloudPhone gives your organization an enterprise-grade phone solution at a fraction of the price. Some of the features included with Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone include:

  • Call Routing and Forwarding – Dial-in numbers are no longer tied to a single desk or wall-jack. Instead, CloudPhone solutions can be forwarded to on-desk hardware, to cell phones, or both, providing employees and departments with phone numbers that follow them wherever they go.
  • Centralized Management –CloudPhone services include online portals for ease of management, monitoring, and administration. Inbound and outbound activity can be measured and monitored in real time. Managing the CloudPhone application doesn’t require sitting at a specific terminal or workstation; the console is available online through any connected device, so your IT team will have a central management console to monitor and support all activity.
  • Vanity, Toll-Free, and Local Numbers – From easy-to-remember vanity numbers to toll-free numbers, Mosaic offers the right inbound dialing solution for your needs. Mosaic NetworX can even provide local phone numbers in most area codes, regardless of your office location, to make calls easier for clients and customers alike.
  • Custom Rules Sets – Custom rule sets are available for different types of calls. For example, the phone numbers of individual clients or customers can be programmed to ring through to specific individuals or departments in the company. Furthermore, multiple phones can ring simultaneously to make sure that customers are well taken care of at all times.
  • SMS Messaging – SMS messaging with Mosaic NetworX gives your organization another effective tool to communicate with customers and get important announcements, information, and data to those with whom you do business.
  • Call Recording – With CloudPhone, your team can record calls for training purposes, later transcription, or future reference. Recording calls means no more lost knowledge transfer, as every detail can be archived for future use.
  • Auto-Attendant – Whether your organization is large or small, a professional attendant answering all incoming calls helps to maintain your company’s excellent reputation. CloudPhone provides auto-attendant options in conjunction with call routing to make sure that every inbound call gives customers a great first impression.

CloudPhone empowers your organization to communicate like never before. Instead of a cumbersome, restrictive, and expensive phone system, you now have access to a flexible, easy-to-manage, full-featured virtual communications solution. From administrators to individual users, CloudPhone increases productivity while reducing cost. Consider:

  • Cross-Platform Communication – CloudPhone solutions provide employees access to information about calls – including voicemails – in ways that are not available through traditional PBX. Voicemails can be converted to MP3, SMS, or text message and shared with employees.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – In-house PBX systems are expensive to deploy, expensive to maintain, and often complicated to service. Cloud-based solutions, by contrast, are easy to setup and deploy, and they avoid the prohibitive up-front costs.
  • Enable BYOD Flexibility – CloudPhone means that employees can use a variety of devices – including their own – to send and receive calls from company phone numbers. As a result, your team can be connected in more ways without sacrificing the administrative controls required by your organization.
  • Decreased Administrative Complexity – Provides a simplified platform and dashboard for managing your virtual phone system. From allocating numbers to creating rule-sets, every aspect of CloudPhone is intuitive and streamlined.
  • Cloud-Based Reliability – Even during downtime in the office or when traveling out of office, your virtual phone system will still route and answer calls to make sure your business is always available to clients, contacts, and vendors.
  • No Complex Hardware to Install – Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone is compatible with a wide range of softphones, meaning there is minimal friction when setting up and activating your new phone solution.
  • Easy-to-Maintain Telecom Infrastructure – Software updates are pushed over-the-air and are included with Mosaic NetworX CloudPhone. That means no additional costs or required maintenance from your team to keep your phone system working perfectly.

Mosaic NetworX Can Help You Choose the Right Solution

The advantages are clear, but that doesn’t mean that settling on and deploying the right solution for your organization is simple. Mosaic NetworX has deep expertise in CloudPhone solutions and provides a consultative approach to finding the right solution for your specific needs.

Mosaic NetworX knows your business is unique and provides customizable solutions that allow you to scale up and down as needed. We take a holistic approach to developing the CloudPhone infrastructure that you require. From small businesses with a distributed workforce to multinational enterprises, the engineers and experts at Mosaic NetworX can architect the right solution for your business and your business alone.

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