Unified Communications

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Unified Communications

Deliver a high-quality user experience for Unified Communications, while lowering bandwidth costs, ensuring reliability and easing complexity.

Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN service optimizes Unified Communications deployments. By easing the network configuration and control and providing greater visibility into WAN performance, SD-WAN overcomes the inherent network challenges that impact UC performance.

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Provide a quality user experience for Unified Communications.

A quality user experience is essential for UC. When latency, packet loss and jitter degrade the quality of a WAN connection, users suffer. Scaling UC cost-effectively requires Internet circuits. SD-WAN takes full advantage of Internet links, and overcomes their inherent characteristics that can impact the UC experience.

Without SoftWave SD-WAN @ 2% Packet Loss

2% Packet Loss with SoftWave SD-WAN

The example above shows a high definition video conference while the network experiences a 2% packet loss. The screen on the left has insufficient video quality. Without Mosaic SoftWave SD-WANaaS, the video conference quality become unacceptable.

The screen on the right demonstrates the same video conference going through the Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN service, with on-demand link conditioning. This mitigates the impact of packet loss, ensuring a high quality video. This example demonstrates the benefits of of using Internet circuits for applications like UC, that require high bandwidth and reliable WAN connectivity.

Optimize the Unified
Communications user experience.

To provide seamless UC connectivity, Mosaic SoftWave SD-WAN as-a-Service aggregates virtually any type of network circuit, and bundles them into one multi-carrier contract. When united together with UC and UCaaS delivered from the cloud, the combined solution creates ubiquitous access with flexible, cost-effective unified communications.

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