State Tariffs

Each state has a right to levy tariffs, also known as a tax or duty, for particular telecommunications services. As a result, pricing for internet and other networking from carriers can differ widely. Each state has a commission office that keeps track of rates and tariffs, and pricing information can be obtained through respective state commissions or the FCC, depending on jurisdiction. Below are the listings for federal and state tariffs that may affect Mosaic NetworX services.



FCC Interstate Access Tariff



CA Local Carrier Tariff
CA Access Tariff



FL Local Carrier Tariff


New Jersey

NJ Access Tariff


New York

NY Local Carrier Tariff
NY Access Tariff



PA Local Carrier Tariff 2
PA Access Tariff 1
PA Access Tariff 3 Supplement 1
PA Access Tariff 3 Supplement 3

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