SMS eXchange Services

Gone are the days of worrying a phone call was missed or an email didn’t find its intended recipient. SMS delivers communication in any location, environment, or situation.

From distributing a marketing message to your potential clients to sharing emergency information with your employees, SMS is the gateway to faster and more reliable messaging for your organization.

Mosaic NetworX SMS eXchange Services put the power of SMS communication at your fingertips. Communicating with employees, clients, customers, and partners has never been simpler. Furthermore, SMS eXchange Services allow your organization to automate workflows and improve employee efficiency like never before.

From the simple management of message delivery to custom data programs that integrate with your own applications, our SMS platform will propel your corporate communications platform to the next level.

SMS for Your Business


SMS for Customer Service and Technical Support

SMS allows your business to efficiently reply to customer inquiries, alert customers when a request is complete, send internal notifications, and more.

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SMS for Identity Verification

SMS helps businesses with user authentication. Identity theft and security breaches happen far more often than we might care to admit.

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SMS for Retail

SMS can increase retail business revenue and brand awareness at the same time. Promote your brand and engage both new and existing customers.

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Special Offers and Coupons

Everyone loves a deal. SMS is a great way to deliver special offers, coupons, or discounts to new and existing customers.

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Event Promotion

Marketing your event with SMS is a low cost, high engagement platform that builds excitement, increases attendance, and builds your brand awareness.

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Surveys and Feedback

Getting feedback can be a challenge. SMS allows your organization to get quick, honest feedback from customers and employees.

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Reminders and Notifications

Calendar notifications via SMS keep you on track all day and set alerts and appointments for clients and team members.

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Sharing News and Information

Sharing important updates and articles through SMS provides a cost-effective way to attract attention to your content, emergency notifications, and important news.

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Geolocation integration with SMS is a simple yet effective way to communicate important information to a specific set of recipients.

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Instead of worrying that your call will be ignored or email will be missed, text messages for pagers means clear and reliable communication with a high read-rate.

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Businesses can use SMS gateways to unify their communications and project their message to a larger set of recipients than if they used only one delivery mechanism.

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Data Alerts

Using SMS messaging to send short yet important information provides a low cost and highly effective way to distribute data to individuals and teams alike.

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Workforce Automation

Using text messaging for workforce automation and direction offers a low cost, high speed platform that keeps human resources working efficiently and in concert.

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SMS servers allow organizations to deliver high volumes of text messages at low cost to customers and employees all around the globe.

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Life Alerts

Life alerts through SMS allow the elderly and handicapped to stay in touch with assistance providers should they become ill, fall, or are otherwise unable to help themselves.

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Proxy Services

SMS proxy services allow users to send and receive text messages using a number that is not their real, authentic phone number.

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Consumers embrace SMS and text messaging. There will be nearly 10 trillion text messages sent between devices in 2015. While it is easy to imagine that these messages are being exchanged primarily in social situations, nothing could be further from the truth. SMS gateways are growing in popularity among organizations large and small due to ease of deployment and speed of delivery. SMS has a proven high-engagement rate among all demographics and is accessible on most every platform from desktop workstations to feature phones. The Mosaic NetworX SMS platform allows enterprises of any size to develop relationships with clients and customers, better manage employees and team members, and automate workflow processes more efficiently than any other communications platform.


Here are a few of the ways that companies are utilizing SMS Gateways:

  • Marketing and Promotions: Message clients or potential customers with targeted offers, coupons, surveys, and specials.
  • Brand Management: Use SMS to develop relationships and build brand awareness in new and emerging markets. Embed links to web-based content or applications to increase brand or product engagement.
  • Product Change Notifications: Configure SMS alerts when a change occurs in inventory levels, product availability, payment status, or support level.
  • Customer Service and Support: Support remote location clients and team members with support for products and services. Leverage conversations to upsell to new product lines and build customer loyalty.
  • Activity Triggering: Use location services or geo-fencing to send messages when a recipient enters a store or visits a specific place.
  • Reminders: Deploy system-wide or individual reminders when an appointment is upcoming, a proposal is due, or a task needs to be addressed.
  • Workforce Tracking and Automation: Leverage to the minute location services and company-wide communication to automate or streamline human resource dispatching and equipment allocation.
  • Security and Identity Verification: SMS can be used for two step authentication to verify identities and confirm passcodes.


Who We Serve

Mosaic NetworX has industry-leading experience working with organizations of all sizes in a variety of sectors eager to discover the power of SMS communication. Whether your organization is a small startup, or a leading international enterprise, Mosaic NetworX can help integrate successful SMS tools into your organization. Some of our clients include:

  • Fortune 100 financial services, retail, transportation, and technology organizations
  • Service and hospitality companies with dozens of physical locations
  • Media and entertainment businesses with a distributed workforce spanning multiple continents
  • Educational institutions and non-profit groups with little or no in-house technology support
  • Government and municipal offices in both large metropolitan areas and rural locations


Why Mosaic?


Mosaic NetworX recognizes that your continued success is rooted in the connections your business has with customers, vendors, and team members. Without a robust SMS platform on which to operate, you may as well be whispering in a crowded room. Mosaic NetworX SMS eXchange Services ensures that your message is heard loud and clear. Our custom SMS platform utilizes redundant architecture and a high-performance interface to offer SMS solutions tailor-made for your enterprise. While other SMS providers patch together disparate platforms and protocols, Mosaic NetworX SMS eXchange Services give your organization a reliable communications platform with straightforward administration and management built right in.

Interested in SMS and how it might power your organization? Contact Mosaic NetworX now and learn how to take your corporate communications platform to the next level.

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