Increase Capacity & Control with Dark Fiber

Establish secure Dark Fiber infrastructure for scalable, cost-effective bandwidth

Dark Fiber service allows you to take control over your bandwidth capacity and create the most efficient path to deliver your applications. By owning your own Dark Fiber, you gain complete management control over the scalability and capacity of your network.

Dark Fiber

Mosaic NetworX provides Dark and Lit Fiber across the West Coast, including but not limited to:

This can improve your overall network performance within high-capacity end points on your network.

  • Predictable Fixed Costs
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Comprehensive Service Control
  • Custom Network Designs
  • Routes over major metropolitan areas
  • Infrastructure resilience and performance planning

Mosaic NetworX also provides Dim Fiber and Lit Fiber connections.

Get the network connectivity you need today by working with us. Mosaic NetworX – where the whole market is your network. Don’t just tap into part of it, extend your footprint across all of it. Let us fulfill your Dark fiber needs. You can contact us online or talk to a person at 800-688-3770 today!

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